3.  Positive Attitude: Interact with a friendly, respectful and willing to help attitude?

We do have control and choice over our attitude. A positive attitude is not only a factor that determines the quality of ones life, but the quality of the telephone experience for you and the caller.

(1) Portray a positive, friendly and cheerful manner with every call. Determine to be friendly and cheerful even before you know whom the caller is to ensure you are giving the same good service to every caller. Use a smile in your voice. This is easily accomplished by smiling while you speak – it will be apparent in your voice tone  

(2) Portray a positive and respectful attitude towards every caller. Treat every caller with dignity. Avoid talking “down” to someone or acting as though his or her question or concern is stupid or silly. Answer questions sincerely and portray an attitude that their call is important and deserves your full attention.

(3) Portray a willingness to assist by offering assistance such as by asking “How may I help you” and by making a good effort to answer questions or to do whatever is required solve the caller’s needs. Avoid coming across as disinterested, bored, or aloof.