Missed Opportunities Report
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Missed Opportunitites Report
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Actual Evaluation Date: 6/22/2007
Time of call: (hh:mm:xm)
3:39 pm
Overall Rating?
Good (75-89%)              
Customer Service Rep Score: Pts Earned: 29   Possible: 32   Percent: 91%
Overall Score: Pts Earned: 32   Possible: 37   Percent: 86%
Below are the opportunities that were missed during this call. Incorporating the items below may have enhanced the effectiveness of the call. Review these items as you listen to the call. Clicking on the review links below, will launch a short training video in a new window.

1. Front line Operator Click Here for a review.

A. Appropriately greet and identify the business
d. Ask permission before transferring  or placing on hold

3. Give an appropriate three part greeting?Click Here for a review.

a. Appropriate initial greeting

11. Thank the caller and approprately close the call Click Here for a review.

c. Allow the caller to hang up first

12. Promoting your services and asking for their business? Click Here for a review.

d. Invite caller to do business with you?
Evaluator: Comments on things done well on this call.
Jennifer, you began this call so positively, that I felt as though I was speaking with a long-lost friend, instead of a stranger. Your empathy for my snail problem showed your great customer service skills.

Carlos, I was most impressed with how respectfully you treated me during this call. When it became clear that I was having a difficult time understanding you through your accent, you took the time to speak more slowly and clearly. Instead of giving me the impression that you were offended at our language barrier, you acted as though I was worth the extra effort it took to communicate with me.
Evaluator: Comments on missed opportunities and suggestions.
Jennifer, though you were happily willing to transfer me to garden and wished me good luck, you didn't ask permission first. Also, you stated your name but did not mention the company or department. Doing this will help the caller to know they have reached their intended destination.

Carlos, waiting for the caller to hang up first is the best way to make sure he or she has nothing left to ask.

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Overall you did a pretty good job. Please review this call and give me your feedback.
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Wow, I have never heard myself on the phone before. I learned a lot and will pay closer attention to the items mentioned above. The interactive training was also great. Thanks, Carlos
P.S. I think this is a great program to teach us how to take better care of the customers.
Person Evaluated - I have reviewed this report