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We are expanding and need evaluators. The nature of the work is on an as needed basis. If you are over 21 and feel you have the skills and commitment necessary to become an evaluator, we invite you to apply after reviewing the information below. Click here to apply

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Overview. We provide quality assurance evaluations in the form of "Secret Shopper Evaluations " to clients in the hospitality, retail and service industries. These customized evaluations help our clients measure their effectiveness in terms of service timing, suggestive selling, quality, merchandise presentation, guest satisfaction, cash handling and compliance issues.

Requirements. Shoppers are assigned to visit a specific client (i.e. a restaurant, hotel, grocery store, etc.) and complete an evaluation form which we provide which often includes a detailed chronological narrative of your observations. Good observation and writing skills are essential.

Compensation. Shoppers are reimbursed for goods and/or services received and in some cases may also be paid a fee depending on the type of evaluation. Reimbursement amounts and fees vary depending on the nature of the shop. Reimbursement and/or fee checks are cut by the 10th day of the following month.


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Some Evaluator FAQ's and Answers

Q1. What would be my role as a "Secret Shopper" evaluator for the Performance Edge?
Answer: Your role as a secret shopper evaluator will be to "inspect" our clients expectations  according to their predetermined standards . While doing such you will not divulge your identity. 

Q2. What are the requirements to be a Secret Shopper evaluator? 
Answer: You must be at least 21 years of age with excellent observation and writing skills. You must have your own transportation, be reliable and become knowledgeable about the clients  you will shop. 

Q3. Do you provide instructions and guidelines?
Answer: Yes. We have detailed forms and instructions for each assignment. We also have online  guidelines which you will be required to review and pass before you complete your first assignment.

Q4. What determines if my application will be accepted?
Answer: We base approval of applications on need, experience and the thoroughness and  completeness of the application itself. Sloppy or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Q5. How will I be notified that my application has been approved?
Answer: Upon receipt and review of your online application, we will contact you by e-mail or  phone and will notify you of your shopper status. If you are approved as an evaluator we will  assign you a "username" and "pass code" which you will receive by email. The "username" and  "pass code" will be needed to access training materials and forms and to schedule and confirm  shopper assignments.

Q6. Why do you need my social security number?
Answer: For tax purposes we need your social security number to report yearly earnings in  excess of $600. We can initially approve you as an evaluator without your social security number, however, if you earn  $600 or more in  a calandar year, you must provide it upon request so we can issue you a form 1099.

Q7. Is your site secure? Will my personal information be safe?
Answer: Yes. Your application and related data will be submitted through a secure connection.  All other sections of our site are password protected to ensure the safety and confidentiality  of your information.

Q8. Do you sell or share the personal information of your shoppers with other companies?
Answer: No. We will not sell nor share your information with anyone outside of our company  nor will it be used for any other purpose than to keep needed records while you are an evaluator.

Q9. If my application is accepted, will I be considered an employee of The Performance Edge?
Answer: As an evaluator, you are an Independent Contractor and NOT an employee. As an independent contractor you will be responsible for paying taxes on any commissions  you receive. If you earn at least $600/yr in commissions, we will be required to file a form 1099  with the IRS to report your earnings. Note that reimbursement of your expenses are not  considered commissions and will not be included on your 1099. 

Q10. How much will I be paid per assignment?
Answer: You will be reimbursed up to a set amount per individual assignment. The reimbursement  will be set to generally cover required purchases, taxes and gratuities. Most of our restaurant  and hotel shops do not include an additional commission. Other types of assignments may include  an additional commission. You will able to review the terms for each shop, prior to scheduling it.

Q11. What is required of me to receive reimbursement for a shop?
Answer: The shop must be completed as agreed, following all special instructions, and the report  must be submitted within 24 hrs of the shop. The report must be complete with all fields and  comment boxes filled out appropriately. All reports are proofed before being approved and any  necessary changes must be made timely or the report will not be accepted.

Q12. When will I receive my reimbursement and or commissions?
Answer: On the 10th of the month following the shop in question. If you completed a shop in July  (whether it was the 1st or the 31st) you would receive your reimbursement and/or commission  check by the 10th of August.

Q13. How will I schedule assignments?
Answer: All of our assignments are posted on our web site and most are available for self  scheduling on a first come basis to those who are pre-qualified for the assignment.  When we post new shops, we will often send out an email to all evaluators eligible for the  assignment. You can also check for available assignments at our web site at any time.

Q14. What forms will I use to fill out my reports?
Answer: All of the forms and instructions you will need are available for printing from our  web site prior to doing the evaluation. After visiting the client location, you can immediately input the report by filling out the online forms.

Q15. How will we communicate if I have questions or a problem?
Answer: You can email us at anytime or call our toll free number if you should have a question or problem with an assignment. Should an unforeseen circumstance occur, please notify  us immediately.

Q16. Will I be required to complete a certain number of evaluations per month?
Answer: No. Available shops will be posted on our site and you will have the option to choose  which shops to take and how often to shop. 

Q17. What is the maximum number of evaluations I can complete in a month?
Answer: Generally you will be allowed to schedule one shop at a time. After your shop is  complete and you have completed your report, you can take another assignment that is posted in your area. There is no maximum number of shops you can complete in a month. You are only  limited in the amount of open shops you can have at any given time.

QI8. If I decide I don't want to continue to be an evaluator, what should I do?
Answer: As an independent contractor, each assignment constitutes a separate agreement and  does not require any further commitment. Although many of our evaluators have been with us for a number of years and we desire to foster long term relationships, either party may  discontinue this arrangement at any time for any reason. To continue to be eligible to be an  evaluator requires consistent and high quality reports and periodic review of guidelines.

Q19. Can I evaluate a business that I work at or are closely affiliated with?
Answer: No. Should you notice that we are evaluating an entity that you are affiliated with,  you must let us know immediately and you will not be allowed to evaluated them in order to  maintain independence and impartiality.

Q20. What computer hardware and software will I need to use your site and complete assignments?
Answer: In order to be an evaluator for The Performance Edge you will need the following  hardware and software: Internet Explorer Browser (5.5 or higher); Adobe Acrobat Reader; Flash Player plug in and Seagate Crystal reports viewer plug in. The viewers and plug ins  can be easily downloaded from links on our web site after you are approved as an evaluator.  In addition, you will need an email account which you check regularly and an internet connection and regular access to a computer so your reports can be input promptly.

We are a professional firm and have the highest standards of any shopper company in the industry. As a result, we have many happy evaluators and many happy clients. If you feel that you are qualified and willing to make a commitment to excellence, then we invite you to apply.We look forward to working with you.

If you have additional questions please e-mail us at or call the office (800-356-9145).